Calling The

Sacred Circle:

The New Druidry






There is life on earth - one life, which embraces every animal and plant on the planet. The time has divided it up into several million parts, but each is an integral part of the whole. A rose is a rose, but it is also a robin and a rabbit. We are all of one flesh, drawn from the same crucible.

- Lyall Watson, Supernature, 1973






















By James D. Sangster
aka Super-Druid, Merddyn, Merddy

Eclectic Druid

Table of Contents



Foreward: About this Book and Me


Chapter - What is Truth? - My truth vs. the world truth

Chapter -Merddy's Garden of Good and Evil - Polytheism vs. Monotheism

Chapter - What is God?

Chapter - Other Spiritual Beings

Chapter - Dealing with Spooks & Other Negative Spirits

Chapter - What is a Druid - Then and Now

Chapter - Druid Cosmology

Chapter - Pillars of Druidry

Chapter - Meditation and Trance: Changing States of Consciousness

Chapter  - Finding your Center

Chapter - Know all, See all & Suffer all (study, observe and experience)

Chapter - The Arts - A deeper expression of ourselves

Chapter – Traditional Hobbies – Brewing, Leather Working, Crafts, etc.

Chapter - Ecological Responsibility

Chapter  - Herbs: Gifts of the Green Man

Chapter - The Voice, Energy, Sound and Belief

Chapter  - Of Faith and Magick

Chapter - On the Laws of Magick

Chapter - To Know, To Dare, To Keep Silent

Chapter - Principles of the Occult

Chapter - Working Magick

Chapter - Witches Pyramid

Chapter - Various Magical Systems

Chapter  - Ceremony: Calling the Sacred Circle








Why is it that those who have their eyes are often truly blind while those that are blind can often truly see?

I would like to take a few moments to say what this book is and what it is not, if I may. This book is intended to be my interpretation of my research and philosophy to date. This is how I see the world and how I see man, beast, rock and spirit inter-connected. These are theories, archetypes, symbols, thought forms and ideals that I believe in that have been influenced by many great minds throughout the ages. I make no claim that they are all my ideas or that all people that claim to walk the same path believe as I do. It’s up to each of us to walk our own paths and discover our own truths.


My chosen title is “Druid.” In saying that I am by no means stating that I am an initiate or even a direct descendant of the original order of druids that served the Celtic people as priests. Neither am I claiming that all or even most of druids or neo-druids today believe as I do. There are individuals in the world that share the same vision as myself, surely. But, please don’t presume that I have the gall or tenaciousness to speak for them. I speak for none other than my own beliefs and myself.


Furthermore, do not assume that I claim to be an absolute authority on anything other than my own mind, spirit and imagination. It is not my wish to be thought of as a clan elder or guru in any form or fashion. I do wish to be respected among my fellow people as an individual and as a member of the collective whole of humanity and life but fundamentally I do not believe myself any more special or with any more potential than any other man, woman or beast that walks the Earth.


That being said, I do believe that every life-energy in creation has the potential for great things and I do strive for that. I believe in excellence and the continuing pursuit of knowledge and understanding and in turn, wisdom. I have dedicate my life to my spiritual development as in my estimation that is the only thing we get to take with us from this life into the next and beyond. In thousands of years of the growth and evolution of man we have but scratched the surface of who we are and what we can become. I strive to become a better person and dare I say, a better life form through my own system of belief.


Within these pages you will find my own particular combinations of ideas and theories. This is my perspective on how I see the world and all of it’s parts inter-acting with one another. You will see the world through my eyes here and nothing more. I do not pretend to bring some great truth to light. Instead, I suggest that the great truth is in the light but many of us have yet to see it. In my life and through my studies I am trying to piece together the puzzle of what is. This is what you will find here.


Now that I have clearly outlined what you can expect to find within these pages and what you cannot expect to find, at least from a philosophical level, let us discuss the journey that mankind has embarked upon.


What is Truth ?


My truth vs. the world truth


faith simply did not answer all the questions I had.


and some of them outright contradicted some of my original beliefs dealing with God and divinity.


During my earlier years I categorized my spirituality ultimately as “The Quest for Truth.”

Merddy’s Garden of Good and Evil


Monotheism vs. Polytheism

 I find that in my mind, after much thought, that the two forces of good and evil / light and dark / God and the Devil / Yin & Yang can meld into and connect on several levels. I personally believe in a balance of light and dark, positive and negative. Without the darkness how can we truly appreciate the light? Without a basis for comparison the light would be a dull void of complacency.

I personally believe in both a single “god” and multiple “gods” at the same time. (boy, I bet that one has you thinking now.) Yes, I realize that’s having my cake and eating it too but hear me out and realize that I’m not preaching here, this is just one opinion from a druid with entirely too much free time.

In the beginning, the universe was void and without form. (Sound familiar?) There was only one Being, a singular consciousness that spanned all of creation and none of it, at the same time. This Being exists outside of what we know of as time and space; in another realm known to the Druids as Summerland. This Being, we’ll call it God was neither male nor female, but an inseparable merging of the two. It was also both light and dark, a blending of the two that we cannot quite comprehend because in our world the light is either on or off, generally speaking.

God said, “let there be light” and then Universal Light and Power asked him for a $500 deposit because he didn’t have any credit established yet. I hate it when that happens.

This “let there be light” statement means that he filled the whole of everything with himself (rolling around in the big leaf pile of the universe like a kid on an autumn day). He has now permeated the universe totally with himself; both light & darkness… remember it’s dualistic.

God is light & dark. He created us in his image, meaning that we are both light and dark and have the same powers as he does given that we are made from the same stuff (spirit). We simply have to recognize this and believe it or as I like to say “Speak as a child of God”. When we do this we weave “magick”. Christians call it prayer and they visualize God or other forces of God doing the work. Pagans call it magic and visualize their god/dess or gods or other spiritual critters or even themselves doing the work. It’s all the same thing. It all revolves around belief. We have to believe!

Christ himself said, “have faith as a grain of mustard seed and you can move mountains.” Well, what he was talking about was if you BELIEVE (or have faith) then you can put some serious stuff into motion. Any pagan that’s been around for a while will tell you that you have to believe and be confident in yourself and your relationship with the spirit world or you’re going to flop every time. When Christ performed his healings he even said as much in his teachings. After a healing he would comment, “It is not I that has healed you but your faith.” That statement proves Christ's awareness of our own potential that is awakened through belief. This thought is a key concept known to many pagans as The Witches Pyramid; To know, To dare, TO WILL (or believe) and To keep silent.

Now, God has created us & our world and all the critters in it Keep in mind this could have taken a LONG time. The bible says it took so many days but the bible also says that to God a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day. And people wonder why the evolutionary theory doesn’t seem like it reconciles with creationism. They seem to be forgetting that just about any specific reference to God and time is absolutely relative to the fact that he is outside of time. Why can’t people consider that maybe both theories are correct? God designed and influenced evolution. And, he has modeled everything here that is living after himself, spiritually speaking. That does not mean that we all LOOK like him physically but we are all little miniature copies of him spiritually. In fact, you might go so far as to say that we are the cells that make up the body of God.

When he permeated the universe with himself he became the universe, flowing through all things and in all places and times at once. We each have a divine spark of life in us as every life on the planet does. This is his spirit and the great mystery of life and awareness. However, we, individually, are immature and lack experience so we must be taught the lessons of life’s existence in order to fully come into our own. What better way to do it than to let us live lifetime after lifetime in a world designed to test and try us?

Well, he puts us on our way and guides us where he can provide we listen to the little voice inside of each of us he has put there but he has a major problem. We’re not developed enough to truly understand and comprehend who we are, and certainly not who he really is. We can perceive parts of him but not really wrap our minds around the whole because it’s simply so far above us rather like a rabbit trying to contemplate the significance of Velcro… it’s great stuff and simple to use but to the rabbit just wants to know if he can eat it or not. The rabbit has no idea that it makes great ties for shoes and has hundreds of other uses because it has no comprehension of shoes in the least. So, what does God do? He appears or manifests to us in each of our different cultures (lots of different cultures because we multiply like rabbits, especially in the days of Eden) with a cultural twist. The same basic elements (or golden rules) are there for each culture but they’re slightly variant with each culture, a minor cultural twist to keep things interesting. These individual cultural gods, pantheons and religions are all manifestations of the same God.

You may have a single savior in one culture or faith and in another you need 100s of gods to accomplish the same goal. Each of these sub-gods is simply a manifestation of the one true force that we just can’t really fully comprehend. We, at times, are forced to interact with these "masks", as they are much easier to access and relate to than trying to relate the vastness of God in his entirety. This works out great for both parties as our heads don’t explode trying to comprehend God and God actually gets to help us along our spiritual evolution. Every parent wants to see his or her children grow and succeed.

Therefore, I personally believe that just about all faiths and religions are right on their fundamental levels because they are all manifestations of the same force, sometimes with massively different dogmas, which are almost always created by man and said to be inspired by God. People love making up dogmas and saying it’s God’s will. It’s a great past-time for the bored or the ethically or morally insane. Almost as fun as bombing government buildings or plotting to hijack airplanes and run them into over-populated buildings in the name of God and your religion. This is not, however anywhere close to "God's will". This is man's will using God as a cover for man's own goals and needs. However, at the very core, at the very ROOT of every major religion there are the same central principles: Be positive and helpful, band together as a family, love one another, try to make peace one way or another, be fruitful and prosperous, the same basic truths that are presented in the Christian 10 commandments are in just about ever other major religion on the planet.


Because it’s all coming from the same source.



What is God ?



This is one of the questions of the ages. There is not an absolute answer to this and if there is it’s totally relative to the individual answering the question. The answer is always going to be subjective to our own experiences as just about every spiritual question always is. Keep in mind that the only answer I can present here is the one formed from my own soul searching, research and experience. Before you can ask if there is a God you must first define what God is to you.


To me, God is the one spirit or consciousness that permeates all things and all times. As in the Christian bible, and many other faiths and philosophies, it is what is, what was and what will be. I believe it is the unification of both male and female, being neither specifically as there is no need for the one force to have a specific sexual designation. I generally refer to it as a “he” because my personal image of God is as a male structure modeled after myself, but in truth I think it’s probably closer to being a whole, devoid of splitting the creative energy into separate sexes. What would be the need in that other than to aid in our understanding and comprehension?


When I was just old enough to really begin inquiring about a higher power or “God” I was pointed in the direction of the nearest church, which happened to be a traditional Texas Southern Baptist congregation in my small east-Texas hometown. I attended services regularly for a time and even joined in with the choir a time or two. My days listening intently to the minister’s sermons were often filled with nights contemplating the messages presented on the last Sunday. Eventually I was baptized, mainly out of peer pressure, and tried to fit in with the rest of the group as best I could. However, there was a problem creeping into the back of my consciousness.


Some aspects of the modern Christian culture, as many modern religious cultures do (lets not pick on Christians) preached ideas like their religion or denomination was the only road to “salvation” and anyone who was not part of their faith that died would go to hell. Often, I the very next breath the minister would talk about his God being a loving and forging god of compassion. As you can imagine I began wondering about everyone else in the world that was not of this particular religion and had perhaps never even heard of Christianity. How would they fair in the afterlife? Surely a God of compassion would not sentence his children to perish out of pure ignorance. And, I do believe in a God of passion as I believe that God is not much unlike us. While we can be vile and cruel we also have a great capacity for love, mercy and forgiveness. I would think that a creature of divinity would be a bit more balanced and even handed than the wrathful, vengeful creature portrayed in some religious communities.


I began to search for an answer that would satisfy all the questions. If you have several religions and generally all recognize a form of higher power with one name or another who can say which is right and which is wrong. You can find good people and bad alike among all faiths of the world. Surely there must be some method or design to this madness. Slowly the idea that all religions and faiths of the world could be right crept into my mind. I began to wonder if there was not some great power out among the stars that simply toiled away and created us through it’s own influence and guided us all.


If that is so, how can you account for radical extremists religions and organizations that conquer and kill in the name of the Almighty? The answer to that question in my mind is that it is man who creates those demons and unleashes them upon the world. There is both good and bad in the world and if the negative forces get the reigns in hand then they can wreak havoc among us. That is not to say that all negative is of man and all good is of God, but

Other spiritual Beings


Ghosts, Spooks, Poltergeists, Demons, Angels, Devas, Elementals, Upside Down Uglies and Things That Go Bump in the Night.

We're going to take each entity listed in the title above in turn and describe general classifications and characteristics of each. It would be wise to remember I've only been involved in heavy study in this field for a few years so I'm still forming many of my educated opinions and still generally learn something new or achieve a greater understanding of something every day.

This article is designed to give readers some point of reference for various spiritual entities from my own personal spiritual perspective and experience.

Before we begin, let me give you a bit of background on me. I am probably one of the most logical and levelheaded people on the planet. Having a mind that operates on logic and reason first and foremost, I need to see hard proof of things for myself. That's what prompted me to start into paranormal research. I wanted to see if this was for real or not, first-hand.

First and foremost, what you've read in books and heard in stories as children (and if you're odd enough, as adults) is just about all true. Sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction. I've been involved in paranormal research for several years now and have been blinded by totally inexplicable flashes of light, growled at and touched by thin air, totally mentally disoriented for absolutely no reason (no, I'm not under psychiatric care), seen shadows that shouldn't be present move across the room of their own accord, heard whispering and full-blown voices without an identifiable source, seen doors shut and slam and lock, toilets and faucets operate all on their own and experienced the classic sudden changes in temperature and odor often associated with ghosts or hauntings for no apparent reason.

I have heard some say, “I am a believer.” I generally dislike this statement. To say that one “believes” implies that there is a stretch of faith involved in recognizing the reality of the situation. There is nothing here to “believe.” The simple fact of the matter is it’s very real.

Now, on to the heart of the matter, what are ghosts? Simply put, ghosts are the non-corporeal (non-material) spirits, or souls, of individuals who were once living and have since died. These spirits exist in both our realm and that of the Otherworld. Because they are pure spirit they may behave as pure spirit by taking actions that the living people around them may consider super-natural. However, ghosts cannot do anything that a living person with enough spiritual development cannot do . Ghosts seem to accomplish these supernatural feats like making objects fly across the room and causeing changes in temperature because it’s easier to accomplish if one is in purely spirit form, for example, as a ghost. If a living entity had enough practice and the proper spiritual training they would be able to accomplish the same feats. Simply put, there is nothing super-natural about them. It’s simply easier for an entity in pure spirit form to perform feats that seem super-natural to us.

How can ghosts do all this seemingly super-natural stuff? Well, it’s more of a question of being a layman vs. a professional. Our western society and western religions don’t generally encourage direct spiritual contact with other beings unless it's God or other humans. Most people in our society are seriously spiritually inept because of lack of development this stances imposes. Our society simply doesn’t deal well with these concepts, often labeling those that do practice serious spirituality as fruitcakes, cults, nuts, or other nasty descriptors. Ghosts, on the other hand, are full-time spirits. They are purely in the spiritual realm and have nothing to do but develop their spiritual skills. This makes them full-time spiritual professionals. We all know what the skill difference is between someone who is a part-time doctor, carpenter, electrician, lawyer or other highly-educated and trained professional or and someone who has gone to years of school and training to learn the skill. I'm going to hire and trust a professional electrician to wire my home before I'll let some guy who read a book about it once touch anything in my house.

Some people are gifted with serious potential. A seriously gifted professional in this arena is a true psychic or “sensitive” (not Madame Cleo). If we were entities of pure spirit and had nothing to do but develop our spiritual gifts we could certainly manifest the same things that ghosts are able to do and with relative ease as they seem to be able to do.

It’s important to remember that in a fashion we are ghosts in that we are entities of pure spirit but unlike ghosts we have bodies and define our reality the same way our society does. This can limit us and our potential because we don’t perceive we have these spiritual abilities that ghosts naturally have. The difference here is perception and belief. We don’t believe we have these abilities and our society has told us that we do not. That limits us greatly. To truly develop begin to realize our spiritual potential we must realize that the only difference between ghosts and us is that we have a body and they do not. Otherwise, we’re on the same playing field with the same potential abilities of the spirit.

Why are ghosts here? Well, why are we here? Why are you sitting there reading this article? Why is the sky blue? There are varying reasons for everything. Some spirits are aware of their situation and are here by choice. Some spirits are mere shards of consciousness and are stuck in one mindset or emotion; often the same emotion or mindset they were in when they passed on. Some spirits are not spirits really at all, but mere echoes of a time long past, stuck in a sort of Otherworld videotape on a continuous loop. The spirits that can prove to be the most dangerous and often the most helpful are those that are in full possession of their mental capacities. They can reason and think logically and with just as much cunning and wit as the best of us AND they have the advantage that they are in full spiritual form so they can easily manifest things that might scare or otherwise harm (or help) us. These types of entities have the greatest potential to do harm but they are not all malicious. We’ve all heard stories about the mother or grandmother spirit that hangs around to help her children or grandchildren and acts as a guardian. Perhaps when she died she wanted to see more of her loved ones or felt that she needed to help and protect them and decided to stay in this realm instead of passing on fully into the Otherworld or Summerland.

So, in summation of what we have talked about thus far we have stated that ghosts are very real and briefly identified what they are and how they can manifest the things that they are reported to be able to manifest (making things fly across the room and similar phenomenon). And, we have very clearly stated that this is not necessarily something to be afraid of because we all have the potential to do these things because we are all spirit, it’s just that some of us still have bodies.

Just like dealing with any other entity on the planet, we should approach these entities with caution and respect. They DO have the ability to harm us through means of the spirit just as we have the ability to cause harm through means of the spirit. Take caution in dealing with these entities until you know their true intent. That intent may not be what it appears to be as ghosts can be just as cunning and conniving as the best human. Do NOT confront a known malicious spirit unless you are FULLY prepared and experienced in dealing with serious matters of the spirit. If you are not truly prepared for a confrontation with a fully sentient malicious ghost and you end up confronting one it’s much like bringing a knife to a gunfight. You may be seriously outmatched by the skills the ghost has in using forces of the spirit.

This reminds me a lot of one of my favorite quotes from the movie The Matrix, “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” You should ideally be somewhat experienced, very knowledgeable and fully aware of the possibilities of such a confrontation. Where do you get this knowledge and training? That’s a very good question and one I get quite often. You get these skills and this training from whatever your spiritual path is. Almost all major religions have customs or methods of dealing with ghosts, good and bad alike. Find a teacher who is at least somewhat knowledgeable in extremely spiritual matters and their direct application to these situations and open your mind and learn. If you can’t find someone of your faith that is well trained in this subject then find someone of another faith that you can believe in. You don’t have to change your religion to do this. The idea is to get the training you need and gain the experience. You can then mold the training to be more suitable to your belief system. How do you know when you’re ready? I’m not sure we ever really know. When you feel comfortable start reaching out and trying new things in baby steps. Be wary of throwing yourself directly in the fire before you’re really had a chance to try out your spiritual wings.

Now that we have talked about the general classification of ghosts we will dig a bit deeper and discuss what I consider a sub-set of ghosts which I call “spooks” or “shades.” Spooks are named just that because they are, well, spooky. These are the extreme negative of the ghost spectrum. These are the really nasty guys that cause all sorts of mayhem, chaos, disorder, literal insanity and even sickness and death/murder. They have been known to physically molest and harm people (and pets), kill plants, drive animals and people insane or temporarily control / possess them, cause horrible disturbing nightmares (night hags), throw stuff out around causing damage to property and/or people, seize breathing or paralyze someone, exude nasty smells, cause all sorts of voices, noise and clatter, cause extreme illness or cancer and exude pure negative emotion (fear, hate, distrust, jealousy) to the point where everyone in the area is directly effected. That being said, they are still ghosts and can still be dealt with in the same manner as any other ghosts as we will discuss in a later article.

The most common ghosts of this sort are those that died horrible violent deaths, are defending their territory (objects they once possessed or their burial site), or were insane when they were alive. Some were even abusers or murderers when they were alive and still feel driven or compelled to continue the cycle of abuse after they die. With newfound spiritual abilities in death they may even revel in causing strife to an exponential degree. Often the worst of spooks are confused with demons, which we will discuss later. The key concept in difference here is that ghosts were once living. Demons were never living and are a spiritual breed apart from spooks. Spooks may often consort with demons though and a demon may cause/develop a spook by possessing or otherwise truly corrupting a person while they were living to the point where they become a spook when they die.

Something else of note, spooks often get confused with demons because they can psychically connect (or chord) into the people they are harassing. This gives them a direct mental and telepathic link with their victim. They can use this link to harass and drive their victims to do things they wouldn’t normally do, sometimes-horrible things and thoughts like murder, suicide, and abuse. An abusive person in life will seek to continue the cycle of abuse through his or her own actions or through coercing others in their capacity as a ghost. The most dangerous of spooks are the ones that are in full possession of the mental capacities they had as a living being. These entities can be just as conniving and quick-witted as they were when they were alive but now with a few more potential advantages that being in purely spirit form can give. For a truly scary perspective on this consider the likes of Charles Manson or Ted Bundy with a direct telepathic link into your mind 24 hours a day prodding you into doing their bidding or using the abilities we mentioned above generally attributed to spooks to wreak havoc and mayhem on you and your loved ones. Now you might have some sense of how serious dealing with a spook can be.

I have encountered more than one spook in my short tenure as a paranormal investigator. One was the ghost of a father & husband that had seriously abused and killed his family while he was living. He had attached himself to another family and was trying to propagate the cycle of abuse yet again. The family consisted of a mother and father, two children and the parents of the mother. The spook had chorded himself into the 9 year old daughter to the point where he was talking to her on a daily basis and could at times gain a significant amount of influence over her while her conscious mind was sleeping. He was prodding the girl to kill her younger brother. She would talk of having daydreams and nightmares of killing her brother with an axe or otherwise sneaking into his room to smother or harm him. While we’re all aware of the rivalry between siblings this was an otherwise normal family. The situation got so out of hand eventually that the family finally persuaded the Catholic Church to take action on the matter (a rare event indeed) and our group stepped aside to let the true representatives of the family’s faith/religion handle the situation.

Another incident was one where an older (and wiser/sneakier) ghost managed to present himself as a friendly grandmother spirit and gain a family’s trust in thinking they had a beneficial spirit co-habitating with them. Once the spirit was openly invited into the home and welcomed it slowly began an insidious task of creeping into the minds of everyone in the home. The children began to be seriously effected, the marriage suffered great strife because the couple was now having tremendous fights over petty issues, the husband began to gradually become physically abusive and constantly angry and the wife was driven to the brink of suicide through chronic depression. Normal yet extreme stresses on a family can cause similar problems but there was a dark and foreboding presence in the air and a whispering voice in the back of each of their minds that was not noticed until the family was instructed to listen for it. Once the spook was found out he dropped the guise of a grandmotherly figure and took on the form of a dark, decrepit ghost of an elderly man. Psychics that were brought into the situation verified that the man had committed suicide in the house next to the one the family had recently moved into and jumped at the chance to be around children again. But, because he was still partially stuck in the mental state he was in when he died he couldn’t help but seriously negatively influence the family.

When the spook was finally confronted by a Native American shaman and told to leave and the family started actively trying to push him out of the house he became exceedingly dark and destructive in his behavior and influence. Whether his plan was to cause this destruction all along after seducing the family into letting him into the home or whether it was something compulsive that he couldn’t help given his mental state he was still a very negative spirit and needed to be removed from the premises and the family as soon as possible. He didn’t want to go and clung to everything he could but in the end he was removed with the proper help and guidance. The family is now much wiser for the experience though I wish they had never had to endure the events in the first place.

Those two true stories are prime examples of negatively oriented ghosts or “spooks”. Be wary in dealing with any and all spirits with which you are not FULLY acquainted. Whether you’re an investigator helping someone in such a situation or the person in the situation with the ghost yourself realize that the situation is far from hopeless. You simply have to find adequate help by educating yourself and progressing on your own spiritual path to deal with the situation or enlisting the help of others.

On to Poltergeists; these are not a separate classification or type of ghost. Poltergeist literally means “noisy spirit”. Any spirit that is noisy (audible) or disturbing is a poltergeist. Poltergeists are also known for throwing or moving objects. A ghost, spook, or other spiritual entity that does these things is said to exhibit poltergeist or poltergeist-like activity. A spook that throws stuff is also a poltergeist because they are manipulating physical objects but a regular non-negative ghost can move stuff and throw things around the room and be considered a poltergeist as well. Poltergeist is not a separate species of ghost rather than a behavior or descriptor of the actions or activities of ghosts and spirits.

Demons and Angels are similar entities in origin so we will discuss them together. According to Christian mythos God created both of these entities as separate creatures from humans. They are not and never were human. Angels are those spirits still loyal to God and still working for the positive forces in the universe. Demons were once angels that have had a change of heart and have turned to the “dark side”. These are extremely powerful beings given great authority by God to perform certain tasks and duties. Angels and demons alike can both be called up or otherwise contacted through prayer or ritual. Angels will often assist us if we ask in a polite respectful manner and if the subject with which we require aid is within their realm of influence and within the will of God to do. Demons are dark negative angels that have turned to the dark side of creation. They embrace chaos, entropy, disorder, deceit, treachery, and revel in suffering and pain. Angels can be VERY powerful and effective allies, especially in cleansing or banishing rituals, but demons should be avoided at almost all costs.

According to Christian mythology one can test an angel or demon by discussing or pressing the subject of the superiority or divinity of God or the holy name of Christ. If the spirit responds favorably or agrees and endorses the proclamation then they are likely truly an angel. If they rebuke the authority and superiority of The Light and God then they are likely demons and should be banished or dealt with accordingly. However, in my experience, demons can be especially tricky and deceptive. Be very wary of dealing with an entity if you even suspect it’s a demon or it reacts adversely to “white light” or the name and power of Christ or other “white light” representatives. For more information on this topic I suggest researching Christian mythology or perhaps reading Angels: Companions in Magick by Silver Ravenwolf. I have not read this personally yet but some of my trusted friends endorse it highly.

We’ve covered a lot of ground and we’re almost done with the scope of this document. We have left to cover but a few more types of entities. We will now discuss devas and elementals.

Devas are locally based nature spirits that are not human (ghost), demon, or angelic in origin. They are generally associated with specific topics. There may be a deva in your neighborhood that cares for all the plants and another that cares for all the small wildlife or pets. Devas are generally very shy spirits but can be immensely helpful when dealing with the element they influence. For instance, if you contact or summon a deva in your area to help with a sick plant or animal they may help tend to the situation, lending their expertise, talents and energies. Most legends of gnomes, sprites, and sometimes fairies are actually devas. They generally respond well to gentle, cautious contact and a loving and understanding heart. Small offerings of food, treats, incense or even aid are usually gladly accepted. Aid as described here being something on the order of watering or caring for plants in the area by putting a few fertilizer spikes in the soil in honor of the local plant deva. This helps them with their job and strengthens the entities with which they are charged with caring for. A deva for small animals that you need help from to find your lost pet may be enlisted by leaving a bowl of milk out on your front porch with the announcement that it's there for that purpose. Devas are always watching and always around. Being cruel or malicious or otherwise offending these spirits may lead to them retaliating in the forms of tricks or neglect for their sphere of influence within your area. If this is the case then do what you can to make amends for the offense. Devas are generally kind gentle creatures that deserve our appreciation for their work and energies.

Elementals are somewhat similar to devas in that they are charged with certain responsibilities and have certain influences within the realm of their element. An elemental for the Earth element can be enlisted for aid for concerns about soil quality. An air elemental may be enlisted for aid for pollution or to clear an especially bad smell that you just can’t find the source of. Each element is generally attributed to a specific direction of the compass as well. This direction should be used to call forth the elemental when possible. Wicca makes use of elementals and their services extensively and would be a good resource to turn to for further information on this topic.

Upside-down Uglies and Things That Go Bump in the Night are those imaginary things that spring from a child’s (or and adult’s) imagination. They are not actual entities but the thought of which can be scary in itself, therefore they are addressed here. The imaginary monster in the closet of a 3 year old could actually be a ghost or some other spirit that the child is truly seeing or it could be nothing more than the remnant of a bad dream spawned by watching a scary movie. These are not actual entities but can be scary none-the-less. The point here is that these things are perceived to be real but are, in fact, not. However, they can manifest phenomenon as psychic projections from the mind of the person involved. In that sense they can be real. Usually, this type of haunting is only evident in children going through puberty or in especially psychic or emotionally involved people. At times, a good counseling session or two can start to deal with this type of haunting.

Well, I believe I’ve covered everything I originally set out to do. You should have a much better understanding of the spiritual entities that you may or may not encounter on a daily basis. I hope you have had as much enrichment and pleasure in reading this article as I have in writing it.

Dealing with Spooks & other Negative spirits

In a previous article we discussed the general nature of some specific spiritual beings, especially ghosts. Now we will further document the methods of dealing with the category of negative, malicious and harmful ghosts known as “spooks.” It is important to note that not all ghosts are harmful and not all ghosts should be dealt with in the methods and manners described below. Indeed, some ghosts can be quite helpful and often pleasant, though be it unsettling to some, and beneficial to have around. These beneficial ghosts should be treated and honored just as any other person would be honored and respected to whatever degree you deem appropriate and are comfortable with. I like to coin the situation with the phrase, “Ghosts are people too.” For the most part, they are!


Help from the Church
Spooks being an especially nasty and often malicious lot, we should be aware of ways to deal with them just as we should be aware of how it’s appropriate to deal with especially unsavory people that are still yet living. When someone living threatens you or the ones you love you may rely on the local authorities to deal with them if the situation escalates to that level. Much is the same with spooks actually. I recommend learning the basic skills and techniques we will discuss here in handling especially unpleasant ghosts so that you can handle much of the situation yourself but if the situation escalates out of control please feel free to call in the ghost “authorities”.


These ghost authorities may take on a few different roles in society; priest, a friend or family member into or experienced in the occult; or perhaps even a clergy member of a different faith than you. Don’t feel bad about consulting a different religion’s priesthood if you can’t find support in your own. You have to do what’s right for you and as long as you are doing that your higher power will understand and lets face it; if you’re reading this article because you need help the situation is probably already desperate enough that you are not in a position to turn down competent help from ANYONE.


If you are Christian and your local community does not offer any type of support then you may want to consider other denominations of Christianity that DO have an open and sincere belief and interest in spiritual beings like ghosts and demons such as Mormon, Charismatic Catholic, and Pentcostal. In my experience these segments of Christianity deal quite well with negative spiritual entities and are very serious about dealing with them firmly and swiftly. You should find ample support among these communities.

Should you not be Christian or feel comfortable exploring beyond the realm of Christiandom you may also find competent help with Native American, Wiccan, Druidic, or other pagan-based religions. Dealing with spiritual entities is a daily task to most of these faiths.


First and foremost, if you are a religious or spiritual person, you should consult your local religious leader. By no means should you feel ashamed, silly, or otherwise indisposed to voicing these concerns with your local clergy as that is honestly part of the reason they are there for you, spiritual guidance. Nobody said it was only for YOUR spiritual guidance. Most clergy, if they’re worth their salt, have honestly dealt with some form of ghost, demon or other spiritual conflict in the past. If they have not then there’s no time like the present to learn. They are there to support and serve your higher power AND you. You are, after all, part of their “flock” are you not?

Helping Yourself
I have always firmly believed in the adage, “God helps those who help themselves.” Even though you’ll be pursuing help from someone who’s supposed to know what they’re doing as we’ve discussed above in many cases it will come down to you, your faith and your resolve to deal with the situation head-on. Ultimately, in many cases, it’s your life, your house, your loved ones being affected and your place to step up to the plate and take charge of the situation.


Before you go charging head-on into an inky black shadow or a cold spot you need to educate yourself. If whatever is haunting you zaps you senseless you’re not going to be of much help to yourself or anyone around you. Do some serious research. Learn everything you can about paranormal research, ghosts & spirituality. Get some books from the library or the book store and pay special attention to titles that talk about “True haunting”. If things have gotten bad enough in your situation you are likely to see some serious parallels in the events in the story and those unfolding in your own life. I highly recommend getting a copy of the book “The Black Hope Horror” which can give you a full illustration of how things can go horribly wrong with spooks. The title is currently out of print but it’s well worth the searching to find a copy if your situation is desperate enough.


You should also take advantage of the TREMDNDOUS amount of material available online. Try searching on key phrases like, “true hauntings”, “ghost hunting” and “paranormal investigation”. Since you’re online you might consider trying to find a paranormal investigation group near you that might be of some aid. They often have ties with clergy that are experienced in dealing with situations such as what we are discussing. Almost all paranormal investigation groups that I know of have some sort of online presence and shouldn’t be difficult to track down.


The key here is to “know thine enemy”. If you know yourself you are well off but only half equipped to deal with the situation. If you know your enemy you are well off but only half equipped to deal with the situation. You have to be well acquainted with not only the ghost phenomenon and what to expect but how you truly feel about it. Ask yourself how you will react if you are confronted with the situations that are talked about in these true haunting stories. Begin to batten down the mental and spiritual hatches for the fight ahead because if you happen to have a truly nasty spook it could be a long, dangerous and nasty fight. In the end though, remember it’s your life, your house, your family and you have a right to be happy. No one, living or dead has a right to take that from you.

Getting your Heart Right
This is honestly one of the most important aspects to dealing with a spook for so many reasons. One cannot venture into a lions den and be a coward. You must find the heart and the faith to do what you must for you and your loved ones if they are being affected by this.


Lets state something for the moment. This is a key concept that we must realize. All living being feed on energy of some sort. We, as living beings consume food that has the chemical potential for energy that our bodies unlock through digestion. That is our energy source. Ghosts and other spiritual beings often have the ability to absorb energy in more direct and pure forms. Hauntings are often associated with uncharacteristic cold spots.


Some people believe that this may be the ghost feeding directly on the heat in the air and transforming it to energy to feed from. Negative spirits tend to feed on negative energy. If your house is filled with negativity you may have actually ATTRACTED the ghost to you because it may see you as an abundant food source. In some instances I firmly believe that spooks scare people simply to feed off of the emotional energy they put out when scared. It’s very common for people to talk about being frightened out of heir mind one minute during a haunting and then feeling “utterly drained” the next. Well, where did that energy go? The answer? You have just become the corner vending machine for the spook. STOP IT!


Whether the spook came to you because your house is extremely negative or your house has become extremely negative because of the influence of the spook (and both are true in some cases) you have to fix the issue. Make amends for whatever is going on. Put it aside for now if you can and pull together as a family. This is often a very desperate time for not only you but the spook. The harder you try to fight it the more desperate and scary it can become. Get counseling to help everyone in the situation. Find someone whom you can talk to and trust and really open yourself up and let everything go that you’ve probably been holding back. Keep a journal of how you feel and the events that take place (we’ll talk more about this in the documentation section below) Overall, look at your behavior and the emotional situation of everyone being affected and do WHATEVER you can to brighten the situation.


Keep in mind that while you pull together as a family (if it’s a family being haunted) the spook will most likely be fighting your efforts every step of the way. If he’s chorded into you (or linked to you psychically) then he will do whatever he can to promote disharmony and distrust. You have to realize this for what it is and do what you can to deal with it. Remember, united you stand, divided you fall.

Walk with God
You may not be an especially spiritual person at the onset of this ordeal but I can almost guarantee you will “find your faith” to some degree in the process of dealing with the situation. If you are a spiritual person then you are a step ahead of the game at this point. If you have a spook then you must deal with them on a spiritual level because they are spiritual beings. This will, no doubt, be a great time of soul-searching for you and your family. In being confronted with a ghost you will have to come to terms with the fact that we do not simply snuff out of existence when we die. Obviously there is life after death if ghosts exist. Ultimately dealing with a spook is a spiritual game of chess with a very dangerous opponent. Either you get the faith to be able to effectively move your pieces or you find yourself in spiritual checkmate.


This does not, however, mean that you necessarily have to start going to church or that you must convert to any specific religion. Finding your faith does not necessarily mean you are religious though if you have little formal spiritual education you may not be able to easily recognize the difference. In that case it would probably be best to cultivate a relationship with a church or other spiritual organization that you find yourself agreeable with. Sometimes, simply being around people with a great deal of faith (fellowship) can be a great booster to your own faith. When you see it’s ok to “believe” and that EVERYONE won’t label you a fruitcake for having a spiritual side you know then it’s often easier to really look in yourself and figure out what you’re spiritual made of. Often I’ve found that with truly negative spooks the haunting can be so frightening that the human mind is forced to develop a spiritual relationship with their higher power if they are to survive the incident with sanity in tact.

Documenting the incidents is crucial. It can be used to help you build a case for the clergy you are trying to enlist support from. Accurate and thorough records can also help paranormal investigators and even clergy to establish patterns of behavior from the spook and can serve as proof to yourself that you’re not simply going out of your mind.

There are several simple kinds of documentation that you should immediately consider starting. The first and probably most important is a journal. Every time there is an incident as small as a feeling of being watched or objects being misplaced or appliances misbehaving it should be logged along with any emotional impressions or thoughts you had about the incident and the exact time and date. You may also want to document the relationships and interactivity of anyone involved in the situation. You may start to see a pattern of aggression or depression associated with the events of the haunting. These may also be linked to lunar or solar cycles as the earth’s energy field is drastically affected by the positioning of these bodies. If this sounds odd consider the effect the moon’s gravitational pull has on the ocean. Therefore, keeping track of any solar or lunar activity in connection with the events listed in your journal may be of benefit as well.


Potential things to list in the journal



The next documentation that should be implemented is photographs or video. Having hard evidence of something strange going on will not only help you bring the experts in your situation up to speed but will give you a bit of peace of mind when you have something tangible to refer to when you start doubting yourself. Do not expect to get photographs or video of full-blown apparitions. This is exceptionally rare even in the direst of circumstances. Still pictures will often produce odd round discolored orbs in the vicinity of any paranormal activity or at times odd streaks across the photo. An expert familiar with paranormal photo analysis should be able to help you determine the validity of your photos. An excellent idea might be to keep a standard 35mm camera loaded and ready to go in a central location so that it can be easily accessed if something is happening. Video of paranormal activity will often show odd patterns in shadows or very fast streaks of light passing through the room. The most ideal video cameras to use are the new Sony Nightshot cameras that have low-light and absolute dark filming capabilities. In most cases though, a standard 35mm camera will suffice.

Disarming the psychic trap
Some ghosts or spooks may have become trapped in a location due to energy lines & rays (ley lines, dragon lines, noxious rays, geopathic rays) that occur naturally throughout the Earth or due to pollution in the environment. When these lines intersect they often create a magnetic anomaly that can act as a spiritual cage for ghosts. Once inside the cage they may find it hard or impossible to leave or be pushed out of the area until the lines have been dealt with. In effect, you must open the cage before the spooks can be truly pushed out of the area. This is an immensely complex subject and is beyond the scope of this article. For more information please refer to the Radionics section of the Fat-Free Guide to Spirituality by Suzanne Powell. This can be found on her web site at for a nominal charge of $5 and is WELL worth your time to read for not only this subject but many other issues she addresses, including her own experiences and methods in dealing with hostile ghosts and spirits.

Basics Concepts for Spiritual Cleansing
Negative ghosts thrive on negativity. Infusing an area with positive energy makes the area very hostile to the spirit. Because we are talking about spiritual energies and vibrations it’s important to remember that the exact tools and prayers you use are not nearly as important as the confidence you have in yourself and your abilities and the intent with which you perform these tasks. For instance, one of the techniques we will describe below involves burning incense and prayer candles. One might assume that if expensive or rare incense were used or more ornate and expensive candles that the exercise might be more effective. This is simply not true. Spiritual exercises have more to do with your belief and faith in what you’re doing than they do with the materials at hand. If you BELIVE that more elaborate, exotic or expensive tools and supplies will be more effective then they most likely will be, however, the same effects can be accomplished with much lower grade materials as long as the same level of belief is maintained. Belief and emotion funnels energy into the spirit. The material world is often very secondary.


Some substances, practices and tools do seem to be naturally more effective than others. For instance, sage, rose, sandalwood, frankincense and myrrh are traditionally known to be very positive and effective tools for dealing out a great deal of sacred or positive energy. This is often a cross-cultural belief as well, which in the author’s mind gives it a bit more credence than just standard rumor. That is not to say that one must purchase the most expensive qualities of these substances if you plan on choosing them. Simply having them in whatever form is convenient for you to obtain them is usually sufficient.

Generic Cleansing Techniques


Burning pleasant smelling incense with the intent that the smoke and smell from the incense will fill your entire house with positive energy or divine white light can often be highly effective against negative spirits. The burning of incense for spiritual reasons has been used since the beginning of recorded history. Thousands of years worth of spiritual leaders can’t be wrong! You might try lighting the incense while you say a little prayer to your higher power. Ask your higher power to infuse the incense with divine positive energy and push out any negative forces and exclude all those forces not working for “the light.” Again, it’s the intent that matters most. I recommend the following incense varieties:


·         Sage

·         Copal

·         Frankincense

·         Myrrh

·         Vanilla

·         Lavender

·         Rose


Prayer Candles
These candles are very common among the Hispanic community and can often be found in the Hispanic section of your local grocery store for a very reasonable price. They are usually tall glass candles with prayers or positive icons listed on the outside. Choose one that fits your needs. I recommend something that invokes the Archangel Michael or similar spiritual force. As you light the candle focus on the intent in the prayer on the candle or something similar. These candles are designed to burn for extended periods of time but remember that a burning candle should never ever be left unattended, especially if your spook has a tendency to knock things about.


If you are unable to locate a prayer candle you are satisfied with you can make one of your own. Obtain an adequate candle from your local supplier, a candle with one of the incense scents listed above that is designed to burn for at least several hours would be ideal. To prepare your candle you may want to write/draw (using a marker) or carve icons or prayers sacred to your faith/religion on the outside of the candle. Do this with the mental intent that when the candle is activated (or lit) the desired effect will be produced. The energy of the burning flame will lend energy to the effect of the intent the candle has now been imbued with. A further embellishment might be to “dress” your candles or anoint them with herbs or oils that are attributed to the effect you desire. See the list of smells above for a list of appropriate herbs for this purpose. Holy water or blessed anointing oil can also be used for this purpose.

Display Positive Symbols of Your Faith
This is especially effective if you have an especially close relationship with your higher power. Notice I said “positive” symbols of your faith. I don’t necessarily consider an image of Jesus Christ being tortured on the cross to be a very positive and uplifting symbol so this might be one to be avoided but this icon may inspire drastically different feelings and emotions from you. If this is the case then feel free to use whatever works for you. Post these symbols everywhere in your hose. The idea is to make it so that the spook in your home cannot escape to any crack or crevice without being in the general proximity to these sacred symbols. Print the symbols out on avery sticky labels and put them behind picture frames, under chairs and tables, underneath rugs, in air vents, etc. Of course, post them in the usual places like above doors and in hallways and such. Give these symbols as much exposure as you can and every time you see one give it a mental energy boost by imagining divine white light emanating from it and filling the entire room.

Positive Music/Chanting
Sound is one of the purest forms of energy so creating a positive sound can be one of the most effective forms of creating a positive environment. I recommend a light pleasant gospel or music associated with your faith. If you REALLY want to get serious obtain a copy of a prayer that’s being recited and loop it to play continuously. Native American and Japanese prayers and chanting have also produced dramatic results.

Clean the Clutter
It’s hard to see things in a positive light in your home when the home is covered in filth or even if it’s just chaotic, disorganized and filled with clutter. Organize your space, put things in their proper place. If you don’t have a proper place for something then find one. Organize yourself and your space. Order begets serenity and serenity begets peace and peace begets positive energy. If you really want to get serious about this, which is highly recommended, look into the subject of Feng Shui.

Keep your Spirits Up
Sorry, I couldn’t resist the temptation for the pun here. The point is to keep a positive attitude and keep morale up. If you allow yourself or those around you to become negative then you are only hurting your situation with the negative spirit.

It’s YOUR Home
Declare dominion over your own space. Fill it with your energy, your spirit and your presence. Don’t allow the spirit to make you feel trapped in your situation or dread coming home. Remember it’s YOUR home and you have every right to be there. The negative spirit is usually the intruder in the situation. Don’t let anything scare you out of your own home, your property or your personal space.

Smudging is the practice of sweeping away negative energy using a tool or energy to focus your intent to drive out negativity in the area and replace it with positive energy. Wands of smoldering sage or sticks of incense are most commonly used for this purpose, as it’s easy to visualize the smoke cleansing the area or item being smudged. Get a good steady stream of smoke coming from the tool you’re using and blow it in the area you are sweeping clean. If you are sensitive to smoke then try a lit scented or unscented candle or even a folding fan. The point is the intent used to focus your own energy in sweeping away negativity.


Smudging the entire house should be done regularly to anchor positive energy to the area. Begin in a central location in your home or the area being smudged and gradually work your way toward the doors and windows. The importance here is to visualize a clean positive area space and energy behind where you have already smudged. Be sure to get under tables, in closets, in air vents, the attic, etc. as these are favorite hiding places when you have a spook on the run.

What is a Druid ?

I look at the role of druid as more of an archetype for both a scholar, priest and shaman rolled into one. The Native Americans, Inuit, Australian and Siberian aborigines all had druids of a sort but with their own specific cultural twists. I’m not a Star Wars fanatic but I certainly look at the jedi order presented in those tales as a very good interpretation of the druid archetype.

Another exquisite illustration of the druidic archetype is the Fremen lifestyle as presented in the Dune novels by Frank Herbert. I actually heard through pure rumor that Mr. Herbert may have been a closet druid at the time of penning those particular works. The stories of his “righteous oppressed underdog” Fremen people value a closeness to the spirit of the land, an appreciation for ceremony and formal passages in the stage of life, an organized tribe style government with a council of elders, a shamanistic approach to accessing the “otherworld” and a recognition that time and space do not exist there, and organized formal spiritual leaders that presided over ceremonies and guided their people on a spiritual plain. I would certainly say that their culture (though fictional it is) is just a druidic that of the Celts.

I do generally believe in the “four pillars of druidry” being multiple lives, spirit in all things, reverence for ancestors and multiple worlds. And of course, let us not forget Truth, thought that is such a supreme and transcendent concept that it deserves a category on it’s own. Though different people may have variants on these themes generally speaking if there is some semblance or recognition of these basic tenants I’ve always believed it satisfied the general spiritual, intellectual and social path of druidry, no matter what cultural title you give it.

This is a bit controversial I understand but I don’t particularly believe that druidry has to incorporate the three realms and the cosmology of infinity as the celts did. This is in my mind more of a cultural ideal. The Native American tribes didn’t all believe in an infinite universe nor do the Inuits but they are no less druidic in my assessment. Whether you declare there is 1 or 20 “otherworlds” or that the universe is infinite or that we all ride upon the shell of a great cosmic turtle in our physical world that does not change your heart or your endorsement of the four pillars and love of truth in whatever form they may be manifesting in your culture/path.

A druid need not be a Celtic shaman following the path of the green man or some other Celtic deity. A druid is in your heart and soul. It's in your ethics and your outlook on the world and your place in it.


Druid Cosmology

Pillars of Druidry

Meditation and Trance


Martial arts



Standard meditation

Finding Your Center


Erica (a friend of mine) and I started to get into a discussion the other day about centering your life and your personal spirit and got interrupted by something. Erica asked me “how do you center?” and that question really kind of stuck in my mind. I started asking myself that question over and over. I’m going to ramble a bit here on that topic and maybe in one fashion or another try to answer that question.

Now, what is it to be centered? I first really learned of this concept from Aikido. For those of you who are not familiar with Aikido, it’s a very spiritual form of Japanese martial art. It’s goal is not to harm others or destroy the enemy. It’s goal simply stated is to “restore peace where peace is absent.” In effect, that’s a bit of what being centered is about. Keeping peace in yourself no matter what is going on around you. You can be in the middle of a hurricane and you’ll be fine because you’ll become the center of the wind and control it by going along with it. “When you are in the middle of a hurricane step into the eye of the storm and find peace.”

Aikido teaches the following principles to maintain center. Generally this is applied to a physical martial technique but I’m going to take it to a social level like O’Sense himself would have done.

Keep One Point: This means to maintain focus. Keep your mind on what you are doing at the moment. It’s ok to let your mind wander from time to time but when the fit hits the shan don’t think about anything but keeping your mind in the moment. Do not panic. Do not generate drama. Do not endorse or allow another’s drama into your life. Keep anyone and anything that thrives on drama as far from you as you can. Drama has a tendency to let things get out of focus and totally ruin your perspective on the situation.

Relax: Maintain your cool and calm flow at all time. Rocks, diamonds and anything with tension will eventually shatter. Be as water, water can adapt to any situation at any time and be perfectly comfortable doing it. If you pour round rocks into a square container and what happens? You get round rocks in a square container… nothing has happened. There has been no adaptation to the situation. Now, if you pour water into a square glass you get square water. It molds the situation (container) and still maintains it’s cool, flowing properties. Water can permeate anything and cut anything given enough time. Water is one of the strongest substances on the planet and it’s because it’s flowing (adaptive) but nothing you put it in will change what it is. It’s still water.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you’re a totally docile and tranquil person. From time to time something can get your ire up but you don’t let yourself get all bent out of shape about it. Express yourself and then let it go, return to your state of tranquility and start going with the flow again. You have to recognize that this one moment does not control your destiny and that any obstacle can be overcome once you fully realize the truth of the situation and study it.

Keep Weight Underside: Keeping your weight underside keeps you from being top-heavy and helps in maintaining your balance. Prioritize your life. You don’t have to get anal about it but figure out what really matters to you. Don’t put the things that really matter to you on top of your shoulders. Those things should be your foundation. My spiritual quest is what really matters to me. I seek to understand the truth of the universe and how it works and why we’re here. That is my top priority in life. That’s what I’m here for and ultimately the only thing I’ll be able to take with me out of this incarnation. Don’t let the stuff that doesn’t meet your ultimate goals or your reason for being on the planet throw you out of balance. Keep it in it’s place and if it starts to throw you out of balance get it out of your life.

Extend Ki: This basically means to reach out with your spirit and your mind to all things. Extend your spiritual arms out to aid you in what you need. Trust in the spirit and use it to meet your goals. Are you walking through the dark scary woods of life or are you strolling through a forest enjoying the view of nature and paying attention to your surroundings?

Meditation is a wonderful way to calm the spirit and gain a GREAT amount of insight into what motivates you and the topics/issues that really matter to you whether you’re aware of them or not. I recommend everyone find some sort of guided or unguided meditation technique and try to find even a few minutes a day either before you go to bed or when you wake up or any other spot in the day where you can find the quiet time. Not only will you benefit from the air of serenity around you but other people will as well. Even if the people around you aren’t consciously aware of your energy it will float to their mind and they’ll be aware of it on some level.

Now, take those principles and apply them to your every day life and every situation you get into and sooner or later the world around you will fall into harmony. When you get out of center return to these principles and sooner or later you will again find your center. It may not be some euphoric bliss with angels singing and pan running through your living room playing haunting woodland tunes but there will be tranquility and there will be order and there will be peace.

Know all, See All, Suffer All


study, observe and experience.

The Arts: A deeper Expression of Ourselves

Ecological Responsibility

You ask where exactly it was humans lost their humanity? It was a generally a gradual process like a slow insidious cancer spreading through the veins of human history. We lost it in our society. When the goals and well being of the few began to outweigh the well being of the tribe and we become overly concerned with our own personal comfort to the point where we lose balance with the natural order of nature, there we have begun the slow process of losing our humanity.

Take for example the American Indians. They lived in harmony with the world around them and their society was molded around the welfare of the group or tribe. The welfare and personal freedoms of the individuals were always secondary to that. When the Indians culled the crops of buffalo they knew how much to take and would take no more because they understood and respected the natural order to the world and realized that they weren’t above the animals, they were one of them. Now, look at other societies like the Spanish and English who invaded their territory. They took and took and took until the Earth was stained red with blood and gave no thought to their tribe (all of humanity) as a whole. They saw only the sport and the money they could line their pockets with. There was no social responsibility in those people and it was their society that was lacking in teaching that.

The society is made of up individuals so we all take some responsibility with that. Change has to begin with each of us before the proper shifts in society will take place. Ultimately, our values as individuals and consequently as a society will probably be our own downfall. Just like an alcoholic or a crack fiend though we will have to hit rock bottom and be in SERIOUS jeopardy before we, as a society/tribe, will see the seriousness of the situation.

Now, I am a monotheistic druid of the new age but I’m not a crazed tree-humping Green Peace supporter that goes about throwing blood on old women’s furs but I do believe in a balance and a natural order to things. Don’t think I’m trying to preach about some plastic cups in our landfills. While that is a bad thing I realize that it’s society as a whole and our miss-aligned perspective in how we fit into Nature and God’s plan that needs some adjustment. As my own part of responsibility for this I’m active in my pagan community and I try to educate those that will listen through my essays, classes and website but I truly believe in order for any real change to happen we’re going to have to hit rock bottom before we can make any real progress and start to regain part of our own humanity.

Gifts of the Green man

Herbs in Magic and Natural Healing



The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.

Apocrypha, Ecclesiasticus 34:4



Why should a man die, who has sage in his garden?

Anon, Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum, Medieval herbal



The Great Spirit is our father, but the earth is our mother. She nourishes us; that which we put into the ground she returns to us, and healing plants she gives us likewise.

Big Thunder, North American Indian, 1900



In the last decade interest in traditional medicine has been renewed, and much is now being done worldwide to give it the respect it deserves – green medicine is being born again.

Anthony Huxley, Green Inheritance, 1984





Sources Used in this Chapter


The majority of this document is directly quoted from the sources below. There are spots where I

paraphrase or insert my own opinions based on my own experiences with herbalism but much of

my knowledge in this field comes from the sources listed below. I make no exclusive claim to the

contents herein, only the way they are arranged and the method in which this class is taught.


Dean Coleman Herbal Luxuries


Young Living Essential Oils


Moon Raven’s Nest


Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs

Expanded and Revised Edition

By Scott Cunningham

ISBN # 0-87542-122-9


A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Year

By Ellen Everet Hopman

ISBN # 0-89281-501-9


The New Age Herbalist

By Multiple Authors

ISBN # 0-684-81577


Overview defines herb as the following:


herb (ûrb, hûrb) n.

1. A plant whose stem does not produce woody, persistent tissue and generally dies

back at the end of each growing season.

2. Any of various often aromatic plants used especially in medicine or as seasoning.

3. Slang. Marijuana.


Herbs have been used from time immemorial not only in healing our bodies and minds but also

our spirits. Most modern medications and drugs used by doctors today are derived from the earth

in one form or another. The use of plants and natural substances to treat illness has been a timehonored practice since the beginning of recorded history and probably for centuries before.

Science verifies the medicinal uses for plants that herbalists have been using for centuries every

day. Ultimately we all come from the earth and generally speaking we shall all return to the earth

in one form or another. It is my personal belief that there is not a disease that occurs that Mother

Nature does not provide a cure for. It’s simply a matter of locating it.


Now, a note on modern medicine and antibiotics: the general welfare of the immune system of

the human race as a whole is declining at a rapid pace due to the over-use of prescription

antibiotics by the medical community. The natural process of infection and recovery involves our

bodies being infected with an outside organism and then our own natural immune system

developing natural antibodies to fight the disease, thereby making us immune to the disease (or

any similar strains) infecting us again. When an antibody that our immune system didn’t learn to

create is used to fight a disease then we are not immune to further infection and other variant

strains later. The immune system becomes lax and lethargic. It is generally better to suffer

through a cold or other minor illness naturally and let your body naturally recover than it is to take

prescription antibiotics. Prescription antibodies do have their place but should be used with



Taking an herbal complex to stimulate and feed your immune system when you get sick is

generally the best option for you as it was for your ancestors. Immune system information is

encoded directly into our genetic code so that our children and future generations can benefit

from the knowledge gained in our own immune systems. When you go to the doctor ask about

getting an immune system stimulant instead of antibiotics so that you can naturally defeat the

infection. The homeopathic school of herbalism prescribes Echinacea and Goldenseal with large

doses of Vitamin C to help stimulate the immune system naturally. This will at times take longer

than using antibiotics from a doctor but generally speaking you will be immune to the strain of

disease once you defeat it the first time.


Medicinal Uses


The primary method of treating patients with natural substances generally revolves around the

homeopathic school of thought. The homeopathic principle states that a patient exhibiting

symptoms will be treated with a substance that would cause the same symptom if it were

administered in a large dose. For instance, mistletoe leaves and twigs are used in the treatment

of epilepsy because in very large dose mistletoe can cause seizures, especially in children.

Another example of this methodology would be the Native American tradition of treating fever with

a session in a sweat lodge. The herbs or other remedies are, however, generally administered in

very small doses but at frequent intervals. The homeopathic method of herbal use is usually

summed up in the phrase “fight fire with fire” or “treat like with like.”


Essential Oils


The active ingredient for herbal remedies on a mundane level is essential oil. Essential oil is the

liquid extract of the chemical essence of the plant. This extract exists in very small amounts but is

highly potent. It may take a hundred pounds of plant matter to extract a single milliliter of essential

oil. All herbal remedies generally revolve around releasing the essential oil in a plant and then

either ingesting the oil in one form or another or applying the substance topically. The plant is a

carrier and manufacturer or the oil but it’s the oil itself that contains the healing properties. It

should also be noted that some herbs that are generally toxic in any amount can be used for

herbal remedies even internally by diluting the essential oil enough so that it’s not chemically

present but a molecular signature of the oil is still present in the remedy. On a practical level, the

oil is not actually present in the remedy in a chemically measurable amount and thus can do no

damage but the vibration or electrical signature of the oil is still present. Often, this is more than

enough to be effective.


If you decide to purchase your own essential oil for medicinal use make sure that the plant was

organically grown (as pesticides can change the molecular structure of plants) and that the oil

was not cut (or thinned) with another substance. This is a very common practice from most

essential oil manufacturers because essential oil can be so expensive to procure. Insuring that

your oil is “food grade” quality is an absolute must if you’re planning on using the oil for internal

medicinal uses. I personally only know of one manufacturer in the United States that produces

this quality of oil. Young Living ( essential oils are superb quality and they

guarantee a food grade oil. However, be prepared to pay for the quality.


The following is a listing of the generally accepted methods of preparing herbal remedies. Please

keep in mind that not all herbs are fit for human consumption and not all herbs lend themselves to

the same method of preparation for treatment. Refer to a good herbal remedy guide for additional

information on specific herb preparation. I recommend the website for

an excellent free resource complete with description and homeopathic uses. Another outstanding

resource complete with detailed descriptions, photographs, illustrations, chemical analysis and

homeopathic remedies is the book The New Age Herbalist as listed in the Resources section of

this document. Yet another outstanding resource with a blend of medicinal and metaphysical

information is A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year as well as the web site as listed in the Resources section of this document.

Harvesting Herbs

(taken from A Druid’s Herbal)



If you choose to harvest your own herbs please keep the following information in mind.


·  Tree leaves should be gathered before Midsummer. After that, the percentage of natural

insecticide in the leaf is too high


·  Leaves and Flowers should be gathered on a dry day when the flowers first begin to

open. They are always dried in the shade.


·  Roots are generally gathered in very early spring or in late fall after the plant has begun

to die back.


·  Tree barks generally contain the desired medicinal properties in the soft inner layer

(cambium) between the sapwood and the dead outer bark, or the bark of the root.


General Rules for Herbal Preparations


When using Leaves or Flowers


Steep two teaspoons per cup of water for twenty minutes. Strain and store in a refrigerated,

airtight container. The dose is generally one-fourth of a cup four times a day, not with meals.

Children take one-eighth cup, and infants can receive the herbs through the mother’s milk or in

very trace amounts. (taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


When using Roots, Barks, Seeds and Twigs


Simmer two teaspoons of plant matter for twenty minutes, strain, and store as above. The does is

one fourth cup, four times a day, not with meals. (taken from A Druid’s Herbal)

Herbal teas will stay fresh in your refrigerator for about one week when stored in an airtight

container. (taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


If using a mortar and pestle to combine ingredients or crush material always remember to

thoroughly wash both mortar and pestle with soap and water after each use. Rinse profusely to

remove all remnants of soap. Always sanitize your mortar and pestle by boiling or lightly dowsing

them in alcohol and allowing them to air dry before use. You may consider purchasing a separate

mortar and pestle for resins like myrrh, frankincense, copal and dragon’s blood since these

elements are difficult to clean out.


Cleanliness and sterility is of the utmost importance when dealing with open wounds, internal

medicine and organic compounds that will be stored for long periods of time. Therefore it is of the

utmost importance to use high quality alcohol in tinctures and sterilize all equipment to be used

before hand.


Use the lowest temperature possible when using heat to prepare herbal remedies.

Simmering or boiling plant matter doesn’t mean to turn it to charcoal. Extreme temperatures can

very easily destroy the active chemicals in an essential oil and therefore render them medicinally

useless. A boil need not be a rolling boil and a simmer need not vaporize water on contact with

the pan.


One tincture does not an herbalist make. Botany and homeopathic remedies cannot be

mastered overnight. There are often hundreds and thousands of sub-species of plants that all

have their own unique chemical properties. Never assume that you are correct when it comes to

medicine and someone’s health. Doctors study intensely for many years to be licensed to begin

to practice medicine. It can often take just as many years to gain mastery over herbalism.


Always be 100% sure when possible. Never take a risk with anyone’s health. If the situation is

an emergency and it’s possible to get emergency medical attention from a qualified professional,

then do so immediately.


Herbal Dosages

taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


The dosages indicated in most texts assume that the patient is a 150 lb adult. Children are

assumed to be approximately 75 lbs and receive one half the indicated amount. Infants are

assumed to be approx. 25 lbs and receive one-quarter dose.



(taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


Herbs that are useful for skin conditions (such as comfrey, lavendar, calendula, pine needles

aloes, etc.) can be made into salves. The ideal time to make a salve is in midsummer when the

herbs are fresh and abundant, but dried herbs can be used as well. Consider adding green

walnut hulls and whole, smashed horse chestnuts to the basic mix for their skin- healing and

painkiller properties.


Simmer herbs in good quality olive oil in a large pot. In a separate pot, melt and simmer three to

four tablespoons of fresh beeswax (the beeswax should be golden and have a strong honey

scent) per cup of oil. Put enough oil in the pot to just cover the herbs. Simmer the herbs in the oil

for about twenty minutes. When wax and oil reach the same approximate temperature, pour in

the wax. Strain and pour into clean sanitary airtight jars. Tincture of benzoin (about one oz per

quart) may be added as a preservative while the salve is still liquid although this is not strictly

necessary. The most important factor in controlling mold is to have immaculately clean and dry

jars and utensils. Boiling followed by thorough drying is all that is usually needed. Persons living

in very hot and damp climates may want to take extra precaution of adding the tincture of




(taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


Tinctures are made by grinding the leaves, roots, or other plant material with a mortar and pestle

(or a blender) and just barely covering them with high-quality vodka, whiskey, or grain alcohol.

High quality alcohol must be used in order to extract the essential oil from the plant material.

Water will not work for a tincture. Shake well once daily. After 21 days strain and store in amber

(or dark) airtight containers. Keep the herbal tinctures in a cool, dry place for up to five years. As

a general rule resins like dragon’s blood, frankincense and myrrh do not tincture well.

The dose is generally twenty drops in a cup of herb tea or warm water four times a day. In acute

or emergency situations the dose is given more frequently; in the case of labor pains, for

example, it might be a dropperful every five minutes.



(taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


To make a poultice take fresh herbs or dried ones that have been soaked in freshly boiled wat er

until soft. Mix them with just enough slippery elm powder to make the poultice stick together if

necessary. Place it on the affected part and wrap in a clean cloth. To protect sheets and clothes

from stains and help keep the warmth of a poultice in you might consider wrapping the applied

poultice and limb/body part in plastic wrap. The practice of poulticing topically administers the

essential oil so that it can be absorbed through the skin. The heat of a poultice can also help

reduce swelling.



(taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


A formentation is a strong herbal tea in which a clean cloth is dipped (the cloth can also be filled

with herbs, but this would generally be considered a poultice). The cloth is then applied to the

affected part.



(taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


Syrups are made by boiling three pounds of Sucanat (dessicated sugar cane juice that can be

bought at most organic food stores) in one pint of water until a syrupy consistency is obtained and

then steeping the herbs in the hot mixture for twenty minutes to transfer the essential oils from the

plant matter into the syrup. The herbs can also be simmered directly in honey or maple syrup for

about ten minutes. Use two teaspoons of herb for every cup of liquid. Strain the syrup and store

it, well sealed, in the refrigerator.


Herbal Decoctions

(taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


Similar to an infusion, or tea, a decoction is necessary when you are making remedies from tough

plant materials, such as roots, bark, seeds or stems. To begin, place thinly chopped plant

material into a saucepan and add cold water. Use 1-2 teaspoons of fresh or dried herbs to one

cup of water. Bring the decoction to a very low boil, simmer for 15 minutes, and strain after the

liquid has been reduced by one half. The lower the temperature of the boil the more intact the

essential oil in the herb will be.


Spiritual Uses


Herb magic can be thought of as a way of fixing one’s conscious and unconscious mind on a

universal energy pattern as it manifests in the plant kingdom. For example, white jasmine is a

feminine, lunar herb of the element water. When ingested, she creates erotic emotions. For this

reason, jasmine is an herb of choice for a love spell.


Spells are best worked at the waxing or full moon (unless you are attempting a banishing, in

which case the waning moon is more appropriate). To work a simple spell, you need only call in

the sacred directions and then bury your herbs in the earth, cast them to the living waters (a lake,

pond, stream, river or ocean), cast them to the air, cast them to the moon, or burn them so that

the smoke can carry your intent to the winds. Then simply thank the directions and know that your

spell has been activated.


Sometimes, it might be appropriate to carry an herb with you. For example, you might keep an

acorn in your pocket to bring fertility to your creative acts. You might keep a certain herb

(cinquefoil) in your house or bedroom to bless and protect the home. At other times, you may

ritually sweep an area with an herb (juniper) to clear out negative energies, or you may wish to

burn an herb (sage, frankincense) for its purifying scent as you set up your altar.

The essence of an herbal ritual is in the reverence and intent that you bring to it. Choose your

herbs with care, and always leave a gift for the earth when you take of her plant children; a pinch

of Vervain, tobacco, or corn meal. Or a gift of new honey or cider.


Always remember the debt we owe to our green brothers and sisters. Without them, there would

be no air to breathe and no food to sustain the Earth’s creatures, including ourselves.

( the above taken from A Druid’s Herbal)


An excellent resource for the spiritual properties of herbs and their suggested uses is

Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs and A Druid’s Herbal for the Sacred Earth Year as

listed in the resource section of this document.


In general, herbs can be mixed and burned as incense for a specific magical rite, buried in a

cloth, scattered to the directions, rubbed on an object or garment, stuffed into a pillow, doll, toy or

other object, bound into the shape of a doll, ritually woven into a wreath and burned or kept in a

location as a ward, ritually ingested, bound in packets and hung a the corners of a room or home,

or countless others methods. The general idea is the intent put into the actions. On a

metaphysical level, the energy or electrical/psychic frequency of the essential oil is generally

considered the active component in a ritual as well as the sacrifice of the plant itself.


On a metaphysical level, all the universe exists and communicates using vibrations, or

frequencies. Each plant’s oil has certain electrical properties that cycle at a specific rate (or

frequency). Using these oils or herbs themselves you can alter the energy frequency (spirit) of

other objects. These oils or the herbs can be used for direct energy work like cleaning chakras realigning to your center, shifting your mode of consciousness (also related to aromatherapy,

grounding, raising, directing, filtering or otherwise altering energy. Essential oils are being used

with fantastic results in the field of reki.


It should be noted that fresh herbs have a considerably higher electrical frequency than dried

herbs. Preserved or commercially canned herbs generally have almost no electrical value

because the essential oils are generally destroyed in the manufacturing process. Young Living

essential oils has more information over the electrical properties of essential oils.

The Voice, Energy, Sound and Vibrations
Of Faith and Magick

"What of fidelity and loyalty? Complete trust? Faith is not granted by tangible proof. It comes from the heart and soul. If a person needs proof of God's Existence, then the very notion of spirituality is diminished into sensuality and we have reduced what is holy into what is logical."
-R.A. Salvatore

That's the best explinatin of faith I've seen thus far in my short stay on this wet little planet.

What is faith exactly? Some say it's the "evidence of things not seen." The essence of faith is simply believing in something without probable cause. Faith means accepting unproven ideas as facts of reality.

A patron of a particular faith simply accepting the reality of their deity without tangible proof. That's faith.

A parent defending thier child against an acusation even though she doens't really know the truth. That's faith.

What is magic? That's a simpler question to tackle actually. Magic is simply undiscovered or unrecognized science. Let us define exactly what science is. It's the methodic and systematic process of finding the answers to questions. That being said, as long as one can find the answers to why something happens then it leaves the realm of magic and becomes science.

A scenario:
A radioactive meteorite falling from the heavens 200 years ago that mysteriously killed all it came in contact with might be considered "evil" or "devil magic." The native people of that time didn't understand forces such as radiation or cosmic rays. They might interpret this as evil or magical forces at work. However, once science understands the forces (radiation poisoning and the like) this mystical rock wields it's no longer evil or magical.. It's written up in a textbook somewhere and stored away as accepted scientific fact. But, before it was classified and cataloged it was a thing of great mysticism. Magical demons might have been said to possess the stone and attack all those who came near it. Once the forces (radioactivity in this case) acting upon reality are understood and logically classified in neat little rows it's no longer magical. It's simply mundane.

The forces and effects that some people might label as magic may simply be a undiscovered element of our universe that science does not yet understand. The modern "witch" that enforces his/her will upon the world around them is discounted as superstitious or it may even be whispered that they're a bit insane. But, what can others say when her will becomes reality (her spell works)? It's no longer superstition. How then do you explain away the events that have come to pass? Is it simply that science does not yet understand the forces that the human sprit can wield upon our world? What is so strange about the idea that we can effect other beings around us using the forces of our own body/spirit?

Science does not currently have a way to measure all the forces around us and within our world. Two hundred years ago the radiation discussed earlier didn't exist to the scientific eye simply because it wasn't labeled and there were no instruments to measure it. It hadn't been categorized yet. Are we to conclude that the radiation didn't exist just because we couldn't fully explain it? We should look back upon this and learn from our own discoveries. There ARE forces in the world that we don't quite understand at the moment. Why then are the forces of the mind and body equally dismissed? Could it not be that we don't yet have all the answers?

On the Laws of Magick

Speaking in reference to the absoluteness of the laws of magick.

These are all well and good and certainly things to keep in mind in most situations but they're not "laws" as in "it always works this way." They are general guidelines. You don't always get back what you put out and it's certainly not always 3 fold. You don't always have to do something to cause something and knowing something's true name does not necessarily lend power or influence over something.

Magick revolves around belief. If you have more knowledge about something you’re bound to be more confident about what you’re doing is going to work and that in turn fuels your belief. If you weave something and you question you work or doubt it then it’s not going to work. Knowing something’s “true name” or being intimately familiar with how it works or having done it before lends to your degree of belief and thus your “authority” over that particular situation. The more “authority” or belief and confidence you have in your abilities the better.

Now, that being said, any nitwit with belief in himself and enough confidence in what he’s doing can potentially be a problem. They don’t have to know what house Venus or Pluto is in or some archaic chat thought up by the ancient celts. They can dance around in their living rooms and chant jibberish with a colander on their head and they could be a problem if they believe in what they’re doing. Conversely, if you think they’re totally silly and you don’t believe in what they’re doing then it’s going to bounce off of you. A LOT of magick has to do with the power of suggestion. I’d say 90% of most lower magical forms are more the power of suggestion or therapy than anything.

Basically, if it’s emotional stuff, if you believe it will work then it will work. If you doubt even the smallest bit it’s not going anywhere.

Setting something like this list of laws down and adopting it can be dangerous. Laws promote dogma and dogma is prone to get stagnant.

And people wonder why the druids never wrote anything down… Once you write it down it’s no longer living. No longer dynamic. It’s stuck in the same state you were when you wrote it. It can no longer grow and change and evolve. It’s dead.



Calling The Sacred Circle


The sacred circle is a ceremonial method of declaring a certain time and region as sacred space. This will allow you to address the physical and spiritual worlds in a place that is not a place and a time that is not a time. This is my druidic method for calling the sacred circle.


The ceremony can be used as is to simply honor the spirits and Source or can be used as a shell to work your own magick and call forth spirits to commune with. As always, be wary of calling anything forth but spirits working for love and light.


Never call forth that which you cannot put down.



To know, To Will, To Dare,
To Keep Silent



To know, To will, To Dare, and To Keep Silent, make up the four principles ot what is known as the Witche's Pyramid. These principals are very important to sucessful spell working. But what do they actually mean?

To Know:
Know your correspondences. research what kind of spell you are going to perform. What the spell requires. Why you need a certain candle color or oil, or why you are using a particular herb. Different traditions do have different correspondences for color, plants, oils etc. Learn the moon phases and timings. The more you learn the more focused your energy will become. Adding to the power of your spell work.

To Will:
This relates to you. You must have confidence in your spell for it to work. You must believed that magick does work. You need to be focused on what you are doing totally. Your spell needs your energy to work, if you do not provide your spell with the right energy, then your spell may not work, even backfire. Just having the props, without the will, will give you unpredictable results.

To Dare:
Make a list, before doing the spell on exactly WHY you are doing the spell. Are there mundane ways of reaching your goal? Will the spell actually accomplish what you want? If you have mixed emotions or purpose, then this can compromise your spell working. Know exactly why you are doing the spell. Be very clear in your mind why you believe a spell will achieve the result you require.

To Keep Silent:
Once you have performed your spell, you should not mention it or dwell on whether you spell has met it's objective. Let the spell do it's work. Don't waste energy worrying if a spell is going to work. That energy can be better used elsewhere. Don't talk to another about your spell either. This may weaken the strength of the spell if the other person questions or undermines your ability or whether the spell will work.

These principals may differ from tradition to tradition, but basically what it boils down to is having the confidence in the power within you. Believing in your magick. Follow the basic principals and your spell work will succeed every time.


Opening Circle


Burn Sage, Sandalwood, Cedar or another cleansing incense in the area to settle and cleanse any negative energy.


The group should walk around the area that is to be the circle (or chant 9 times before entering) once chanting


“We approach the sacred grove with hearts and minds and flesh and bone. Join us now in ways of old. We have come home.”


If the group wants to challenge to enter:


“Guardian with sword resting on shoulder or dagger to chest:

This is sacred space. It is better to rush upon this blade than enter with fear in your heart. How do you enter?”


Group member:


“With perfect love and perfect trust and walking with the light.”




“You may enter in love and light. Be welcomed.”




Summoning Spirits



Spirits, Guardians, Elementals and Ascended Masters working for the light, hear my voice as a child of Danu.  I speak with the voice of ages across space and time and veil.



Spirits, Guardians and Ascended Masters working for the light, hear our voice as a children of Danu. We speak with the voice of ages across space and time and veil.



Spirits, Guardians and Ascended Masters working for the light we call to you.



Spirits, guardians and ascended masters working for the light in the  ( of )_______ hear my call. Come to us and guard this sacred space. Join our circle.

 (North, East, South, West, Above, Below, Center)


Summoning Sacred Tools




In the name of the ancestors we call…


(Leader chants once and then everyone chants in unison)


From the fae city of Falias
we call forth the Stone of Destiny. Join our circle.


From the fae city of Urias
we call forth the Sword of Justice. Join our circle.

From the fae city of Finias
we call forth the Spear of Lugh. Join our circle.

From the fae city of Murias
we call forth The Cauldron of Plenty. Join our circle.



May these great relics re-unite our bonds with our ancestors and aid us in this rite and our journeys in the realms.





Summoning Dragons/Elements



In the name of our ancestors we call…


(Leader chants once and then everyone chants in unison)


From the 3 planes we call forth the guardian spirits of life.


Dragon of the Sky hear our call. Rise up and join us. Join our circle.


Dragon of the Earth hear our call. Rise up and join us. Join our circle.


Dragon of the Sea hear our call. Rise up and join us. Join our circle.




Ancient ones, we thank you for your presence and humbly implore your assistance.

We ask that you guard this sacred space and aid us in our work.




Summoning Source




I am the breath of life.

I am the chill of night.

I am the warmth of day

I am the boar of time

I am the salmon of light.

I am the song of sound.

I am the tree of life.

I am the spear of Lugh.

I am the stone of Destiny

I am the sword of Justice

I am the cauldron of Plenty

I am the life, the force, the will and the source.


All things in me are possible for I am both the Lord and Lady.


I have been known by many names.



As the Lady you know me as The Earth Mother, Brigit, The Morrigan, Diana, Rhiannon and a thousand other names. I am the feminine and the womb. Without me life as you know it is not possible. I am a part of each of you.



As the Lord you know me as The Sky Father, Hern, Cernunnos, Danu, The Horned One and a thousand other names. I am the masculine and the seed. Without me life as you know it is not possible. I am a part of each of you.



I am all of these in one. I am Source. I flow through all things and all things flow through me. I am with you then, now and forever.





General Pleading




I will hear you now…


This is the time to make any personal offerings (poetry, incense, requests). If it is a request when the person is finished should end with “As it is said, so it is done” and the group should repeat..

This is also the appropriate time to make any magical requests of the spirits gathered or work your own magick in the presence of the spirits.








Dragons of life and elements we thank you for your assistance. May peace and serenity flow through you. Return to your rest when your work is done.



As it is said so it is done.



Great relics we return you to your resting places until we have need of you again.



As it is said so it is done.



Spirits, Guardians and Ascended Masters we thank you for your assistance. May peace and serenity flow through you. Return to your rest when your work is done.



As it is said so it is done.



Title: Calling / Dismissing the Corners of Light


Ritual Type: Invocation & Banishing

Purpose: Calling spirits of light to hold circle or implore their aid

Approximate Length: 5 - 10 minutes

Deities Invoked: Source/Deity, Ascended Masters, Angels, Spirits working for the light

Ritual Tools: None required, May use Sword/Staff of Mastery

Chant/Music: None required but may use any music or chant with a divine vibration

Oils/Herbs/Crystals: None required but may use mistletoe, copal, holy water/oil, tobacco or other divinely oriented substance.

Misc. Materials: N/A


Ground and Center yourself, meditate on your own divinity and connection with Source (God).

Invocation / Calling Circle:

Face each direction and speak the following in an authorities and loving voice:

I speak as a Child of God and I
recognize my own Divinity.

Spirits and Ascended masters working for the light in the North (East, South, West) hear my prayer.
We thank you for helping us in the past and we thank you for helping us now.
Come to us and be with us,
Join our Circle,
Lend us your love and your light,
Make your presence known.

Our Father,
The All-Father,
Protector of All,

Our Mother,
The Great-Mother
Giver of life,

The One God of a thousand faces who travels with his children throughout time.

The Great Source

I call to you as a Child of God,
recognizing my own Divinity.
We thank you for helping us in the past and we thank you for helping us now.
Come to us and be with us,
Join our Circle,
Show us the way.
Lend us your divine sword and shield.
Fill us with your divine light and love.
Wrap your white cloak of light around us.
Guard us from Evil and those that would seek to do us harm.

Banishment / Closing Circle:

At the end of your ritual/ceremony/casting use something similar to the following to dismiss the spirits that have come to your aid. As always, speak with an authorative and loving voice to these spirits:

Our God,
We thank you for honoring us at this circle and for all you have done and all you will do.
Please accept our love and sincere gratitude.
Dwell here and in our hearts forever.

Spirits of the North (West, South, East, Above, Below, Within, Without) we thank you for honoring us at this circle and for all you have done and will do.
Please accept or love and sincere gratitude.
Dwell here or continue on your journey as you will.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the All-father, the Great Mother and the one True God we pray.



Title: Holy Water/Oil Creation - Druidic


Ritual Type: Alchemy/Blessing

Purpose: Create blessed water/oil for protection and potency. Measurements are for 1 quart of oil/water. Warning: oil/water is NOT ingestible after infusion!

Approximate Length: Setup - 10 minutes, Infusing - 3 days of sunshine

Phase of the Moon: Waxing or Full

Weather: Sunny

Location: Anywhere sunshine is available for infusing

Deities Invoked: Source/Divinity, Ancient Masters and spirits of light

Ritual Tools: N/A

Chant/Music: N/A

Oils/Herbs/Crystals: 1 quart mineral water or olive/corn oil, 1 oz. Mistletoe with or without berries. Mistletoe harvested from an oak tree during a full moon is ideal but any mistletoe will work. Please keep in mind that the berries are highly poisonous if ingested.

Misc. Materials: 1 clear quart glass bottle with cork stopper. A wine bottle works great for this. You can use non-glass materials but plastic isn't very earth friendly and may change the energy used. Absolute transparency in the container is essential. You will be infusing the tincture with mistletoe energy and sunlight energy.


You will be creating blessed water/oil to be used for protection, warding or other ritual use. This infusion will be charged with both sunlight and mistletoe, both are sacred to the druidic order. If you're more inclined to work with the more subtle powers of moonlight you can charge the mixture in moonlight instead but I do not recommend charging in both as the energies can serve to cancel each other out as they are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Gather the materials together and call circle with a chant similar to the following: (always remember to speak with authority, respect and reverence for the spirits of light)

(say once)
I speak as a Child of God and I
recognize my own Divinity.

Spirits and Ascended masters working for the light in the North (East, South, West) hear my prayer.
We thank you for helping us in the past and we thank you for helping us now.
Come to us and be with us,
Join our Circle,
Lend us your love and your light,
Make your presence known.

Our Father,
The All-Father,
Protector of All,

Our Mother,
The Great-Mother
Giver of life,

The One God of a thousand faces who travels with his children throughout time.

The Great Source

I call to you as a Child of God,
recognizing my own Divinity.
We thank you for helping us in the past and we thank you for helping us now.
Come to us and be with us,
Join our Circle,
Show us the way.
Lend us your divine sword and shield.
Fill us with your divine light and love.
Wrap your white cloak of light around us.
Guard us from Evil and those that would seek to do us harm.

Now that circle is called ask for a blessing state the purpose of your circle and your intentions and the blessings of the spirits present.

(say once)
Spirts of light, you have been called here to ask for your light, energy and your blessing in creating a substance of light.

Put the mistletoe in the bottle, pour in the water/oil and stopper it tight while chanting the following 3 times. Imagine the energies of the spirits present infusing the mixture with their energies.

Grant us your blessing in creating this mixture and infuse it with your white light of love, protection and healing that it may be used in the service of the light and the Order. Please exclude any forces not working for the light where this sacred mix is used.

Now, thank the spirits for their aid and close circle with the following:

Our God,
We thank you for honoring us at this circle and for all you have done and all you will do.
Please accept our love and sincere gratitude.
Dwell here and in our hearts forever.

Spirits of the North (West, South, East, Above, Below, Within, Without) we thank you for honoring us at this circle and for all you have done and will do.
Please accept or love and sincere gratitude.
Dwell here or continue on your journey as you will.

In the name of the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the All-father, the Great Mother and the one True God we pray.


Now leave the mixture in direct sunlight for 3 days to charge it with the divine energy of the sun. You can also leave it in moonlight to absorb that energy but either do one or the other, not both as the energies of both tend to cancel each other out. If using moonlight try to time it so that the mix finishes it's last night of charging on a full moon. Never infuse on a waining moon! For additional potency you can infuse the mixture for 9 days (3x3=9) but no additional infusion is necessary after 9 days as that is generally the maximum potency.

Remember, the mixture is NOT ingestible but can be applied topically as long as there are no open wounds. Feel free to strain and dispense the mixture into separate containers if desired. I usually leave some mistletoe in each container for good measure.